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New errors discovered in Ecma 376

These errors have not been submitted in September 2007 by anyone. They were discovered in January and February 2008, mostly while writing the alternative proposal for the dates.


Part 4, §, page 2626:

The start-date parameter is frequently conveyed as date-string or as start-value.

Part 4, §, page 2626:

The EDATE function description does not adequately describe what happens when the resulting month has insufficient days; for example, what is returned from EDATE(DATE(2000, 01, 31), 1)? This is apparent from the example only.

Part 4, §3.17.7, page 2530:

Several references made in the table are wrong. For example, EDATE is not §, it's §

Part 4, §, page 2,601:

In the DATEVALUE, there are two errors.  One, it is ambiguous whether times are taken into account.  Two, the first item in the example might have different meaning depending on operating system settings or other user settings.

Part 4, §, page 2,605:

Two errors. One, the "and/or time" is not correct, since any time information is ignored. Two, DAY(DATE(2006, 0, 2)) does not return 31, as the example claims, but 2.

Part 4, §, page 2626:

The phrases "future date" and "past date" actually mean a date after and before start-date. The same problem is in EOMONTH.

Part 4, §, page 2658:

The argument to the function is listed as "number". However, in the description, it appears that it can be either a number or a string. Same problem in the MINUTE function and in the SECOND function.

Part 4, §, page 2658:

The return value for this function is in the range 0-23, not 0-59.

Part 4, §, page 2717:

The return value for this function is in the range 1-12, not 1900-9999.

Part 4, §, page 2722:

The holidays argument, according to the description, can be an array constant of the serial values of the dates. However, in the example, it is an array of strings.

Part 4, §2.2.1, page 27:

The background has VML child elements, and VML is deprecated.

Part 4, §, page 2,803:

According to the argument description and the example, the date information is ignored. According to the function description and the return type and value, it is not ignored.

Part 4, §3.18.13, page 2,842:

Several errors in timePeriod. First, 7/14/2006 must be written as 2006-07-14. Second, 38913 is 2006-07-15, not 2006-07-14. Third, it is not specified that this example applies only to the 1900 date base.

Part 4, §, page 2,601:

The description for DATEDIF does not provide enough information. For example, what is the result of the following?



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